Chef Lisa Wilson


Savoring Thyme is a personal chef & catering service owned and operated by Chef Lisa Wilson serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas since 2007.  

Why hire Chef Lisa?

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You want to save time. Chef Lisa can save you 12-15 hours each week! You will spend less time shopping, cooking, and cleaning up, and more time enjoying your life!  


You want a healthier lifestyle. Restaurant meals are often laden with extra sodium, fat, and calories. Chef Lisa specializes in comfort foods that taste great without all the bad stuff. Elite and professional athletes have enjoyed her meals for the last two years while meeting their specific needs during training and the regular season.


You want to save money. If you're like most people, you buy groceries that spoil before you ever get the time to prepare them, then end up ordering take-out or eating out instead. By the time you factor in your bill, tip, & gasoline, hiring a personal chef can be less expensive than eating out at a moderately priced restaurant most nights. Its also alot more convenient!